Four Days Training, Part 4

The next morning I woke with butterflies in my stomach.

Jason was coming home that day! I was so excited. It seemed like it had been two weeks. So much had happened during my time at Mistress Erin's home. I really believed I had become a better, more subservient slave. And I was enjoyed the time immensely.

Maybe that would be hard for some people to understand, how I could be happy and enjoy the time when it consisted of being caned, tied up in tightly constricting sleep sacks, forced to wear painful collars, flogged, hobbled... well, that's for another blog entry. Maybe it would take up a whole book. But the bottom line is that I loved it and it fulfills something very primal inside me.

I quickly put away my sheets and blankets from my evening on the couch. I had slept naked, and without permission could not dress.

Erin had left the posture collar out for me the night before, and I put it on. I knelt and waited for her.

It is amazing to me to think how little freedom Erin allowed me and how quickly I adapted to it. Jason never insists that I kneel and wait for him when he is not using me; I am relatively free to go about whatever I like unless he has given me some sort of command. At Erin's I had quickly learned to constantly be submissive, waiting for a command and not pleasing myself in any way unless she released me.

I began to think of the tales of Gore, and that I might actually be taking on some of the characteristics of a Gorean slave.

When Erin came out she had something in a box, something I didn't recognize at first.

"You are leaving us today, and I wanted to give you a token of regard, a thank you for a job well done," she said. It was hard to hear this. I couldn't believe it.

"Here is a small gift I have for you."

She pulled it out and I recognized it immediately. An armbinder.

Armbinders are evil bondage devices, designed to keep one's hands and arms secure and completely immovable behind the back. The are long term, not easily removed because of the tight lacing involved. I've worn them many times before, and appreciate the tight constricted bondage they represent.

So, armbinders are sort of like one of my main fetishes. The one Erin pulled out was gorgeous, full length and made of a supple fine leather, good straps for the shoulders to prevent wriggling out, and small-- some arm binders are designed to give extra wriggle room. This one was designed to be laced tight and press forearms completely together behind the back.

"Let's try it, shall we?" Erin said. I smiled and nodded, turning around and placing my hands behind my back, palms flat against each other.

Erin slid the monoglove up my arms. It immediately pressed and contracted my arms together, before she even began lacing. I could tell this would be a tight one. It made me wet kneeling there as she put it on.

She pulled the shoulder straps on and buckled them. This already effectively disabled me, my arms were trapped and I would be unable to move them in any way. But the lacing came next; pulling on the laces to tighten them, inch by inch.

When she was done, my forearms were completely pressed together and elbows were not just touching, but smashing against each other. That thing was tight, and I was completely immobile.

To tell you the truth, being in the binder made me want to spread my legs and have someone fuck me.

James was there, looking on. Both he and Erin were fully clothed, whereas I was naked, as was befitting my slave status in their household. Jim marveled at how I took the tight constraint. "You are flexible, and I don't think I have ever seen a woman look as sexy as you do right now, bound like this."

I blushed. I would have lowered my head but the posture collar interfered.

The spike I had worn the day before was detachable, and Erin brought it over and inserted it into it's clutch on the collar. Immediately my head and chin went up, higher than the collar forced me.  I was beginning to hate that spike.

Erin admired me sitting there, arms strapped behind my back, hair nicely brushed and pulled back to expose my face, naked, with my head tilted up to accommodate the collar and spike.

"Very nice," Erin said. "I expect Jason will enjoy seeing his wife this way.

Erin ran her hands over my body. She liked the way my skin looked when it was pulled tight from the binder. She even mentioned how she liked my breasts better when my arms were pulled tight behind me.

"Well, Jason will be home soon, and I want you all ready for him. Let's go over to your place, shall we?"

I wondered what she meant. I couldn't very well march naked from my house down the street wearing the armbinder and posture collar.

No, but almost. Erin got me a robe. I stood up and she slung it over my shoulders then marched me out the front door and on to the sidewalk. The collar and spike was still clearly visible. A couple of the neighbors across the street were watering lawns or something, and while I couldn't really look at them with the collar on, I can't help but think the saw me walking up to my place, led by Erin.

It was just a tiny bit embarrassing.

Inside my own house my perception changed so drastically. I realized that in Erin's home, the entire environment had been somewhat alien and unfamiliar. This contributed to a sense of unease and anxiety. I felt more vulnerable there.

In my own home, with the very same armbinder, posture collar, and spike in place, I felt more at home and less intimidated. The psychological effect was powerful.  This was my house. I might be in bondage and subservient, but it was my house. I lived here with Jason.

And I yearned for Jason.

Jason would be home soon, perhaps a few hours.

Erin went to my room upstairs and fetched a corset that Jason sometimes has me wear.

"We are going to get you all pretty and sensual for Jason coming home. I want him to be delighted with your presentation." Erin was working on getting me ready for Jason's return, as a submissive slave.

A lovely ball gag. It was one of mine; the familiarity of the ball gag made me feel like I was at home, too. This was my gag, I'd worn it many times before. It felt like home.

Erin ran me through some last minute exercises that could be accomplished with my arms bound behind me. I was proud, I was doing them well and she only hit me with the cane a couple of times.

Finally, she said it was time for my final preparation.

She strapped my legs into a frogtie; ankles to thighs.

Jason got me a fitted hood for Christmas last year, and she found that, and put it on. It laces up as tightly as the armbinder, form fitting my face and head.

I lay on my stomach, basically unable to move much at all. It was lovely. And I mean it. This was the kind of uncomfortable extreme bondage that I needed in my soul. It made me feel helpless, vulnerable, scared, naked, and I nearly had an orgasm.

Jason came home after I had been in that bondage position about an hour. Erin and James greeted him, and I heard them being friendly, discussing his trip and how good it was to be home. I wanted to run up and kiss him, but couldn't. I had been relegated to the floor of the bathroom in the master bedroom.  I'd be lucky if I could wriggled a couple of inches.

When Jason came in he was extremely pleased to see me presented to him in that manner. He said aloud that he really wished he could fuck me while I was bound like that (my legs were spread and I would have loved nothing more). But he was exhausted.

After unpacking and getting himself some iced tea, Jason released me.

"Welcome home, master," I said when he removed the hood. I meant it too.

I stood and he removed the arm binder. My arms were actually rather numb, and I moved them carefully to get the circulation back. They hurt for a while, but were OK.

Jason got me the loveliest gift during his travels. A decorative posture collar. It's made of a copper material with a green copper leaf pattern on it. It looks just like a pretty choker or necklace, jewelry of some sort. Except it is high enough it really presses my head and chin up.

I could even get away with wearing it in public, I think. It will draw some stares, but I might try it some time.

He might have been tired, but once I was with him, I wrapped myself around Jason, and his hardened cock slipped inside, and we fucked like rabbits. It was soooo good to have him home.


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